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The Ultimate Layout and Styling StacksVersion 2

A go any where, doing anything stack that will unleash your design creativity. Sections Pro makes unique layouts possible with ease, produces beautiful gradient and image effects and so much more.


See this resource card to set up the CMS test data

This download is the whole of the Learn Sections Site as a RW6 Project.

This was built in Foundation but you can easily change it to other themes. It makes extensive use of Header Pro and Paragraph Pro that are not Foundation specific


Your kind donations fund the running costs and keep the stacks and support free.

Thank you in advance.

The Stacks

Sections Pro

Stacks Image 3828738

The most common use Sections Pro stack.

Contains everything you need for most situations.

Sections Angle

Stacks Image 3828762

Make angled Sections with connectors.

Everything that is in Sections Pro but with angled sections and connectors too.

Sections Fix

Stacks Image 3828786

Fix content within a Section stack.

Responsive fixing of anything anywhere.

Sections Mask

Stacks Image 4037783

Transparency masks for the top and bottom of Sections to create connectors and curves.

Master Styles

Stacks Image 4037810

Sections Pro includes Master Layout, Background, Overlay and Borders child stacks.

Stacks Image 4037761

Target sections animations on content. Create free form hover captions and animations.

Get the Pro Styles Stackrequired to use Sections Master Styles

IMPORTANTSections master layouts, backgrounds overlays require that ProStyles is installed in your stacks library.

Don't forget your copy.


Banded Pages

Easily make banded pages with style and flexibility. With Sections Pro almost anything is possible from angles and connectors to full CMS control with Easy or Total CMS

Straight Sections

Proportional Content

Sections Pro has a totally unique Content Control system which means even in proportionally sized layouts your content will never get cropped.

Proportional Sections

Unique Fixed Content

The included Sections Fix stack allows some great layout elements with overlapping content and full responsive control

Sections Fix Example

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