PopDrop Stack

ToolTips, Popovers, DropDowns and Modals in Style

Give your users extra information without using up page space. Elegant and contemporary Popovers and Tooltips. Classic dropdowns and menus that you can add to any stack.

As used extensively on this site for all the dropdowns in information popovers.

Compatible with all themes.
Requires Stacks 3.2.1 or later.


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Nested PopDrops
Nested PopDrops are launched from a link within another PopDrop. Usually this is only used when making drop down menus.
Tip Styles
Style your PopDrop links so that they stand out from normal links on your page.
Pop Drop Stack
The main PopDrop stack
ButtonPlus2 Integration
See the ButtonPlus2 Demo and Docs for more information.
Tip Title
This is a tooltip. You can make individual tips wherever you want or you can use the TipList mode to enter all the tips for a page or a site in one stack.


Simple Setup

10 built in themes

Easy titles and styling

Lots of size and positioning options

Drop zone for any stack content

PopDrop works with any theme.

PopDrop in RapidWeaver Edit Mode

Smart Positioning

PopDrop will position itself to ensure that it appears within the viewable screen.
By selecting one of the auto positions it will appear either above or below the link dependent on scroll position.

There is even a setting to contain dropdowns to the width of the link or button that you are using to open them. This makes for easy set up and neat looking menus.

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PopDrop can make:

Tool Tips

Tool tips are a great way to provide further information from within your text or other elements on the page.



This is a PopOver. It can contain any stacks that you like.

Drop Downs

Dropdowns from buttons

This is a PopDrop Dropdown.

You can put links, or any other stack in it.
It can open on hover or click.
It can dropdown from any stack not just buttons.

Mega Menus

Mega Menu
Some Info

Anatidae paleo gastropro authentic flexitarian fixie tote bag, scenester.

Some Links
More Links

Modal Dialogs

Modal Dialog

When is a PopDrop not a popover?

When its a modal dialog box.

PopDrop modals can contain anything you like including forms.

So Much More to See.....

Browse through the PopDrop demo site to really appreciate what you can achieve.

PopDrop Demo

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