BluePrint Stacks

Simple and powerful layout stacks.

This bundle contains BluePrint ONE (1 col), BluePrint Sidebar (2 Col) and BluePrint SVG. See the Live Demo for more details.

Compatible with all themes.
Requires Stacks 3.2.1 or later.

IMPORTANTBluePrint backgrounds, overlays, borders and visibility child stacks require that ProStyles is installed in your stacks library.

Don't forget your copy.

All these examples are the same but just have the theme setting changed. Please only download the one you require.


Your kind donations fund the running costs and keep the stacks and support free.

Thank you in advance.


Super resonsive layouts

BluePrint stacks have simple, familiar controls but allow you to define multiple layouts for different screen sizes Padding, margins, widths and fill mode can all be set for 3 or 4 different screen sizes if required.

The power of CSS

These stacks are all pure CSS only and do not use Javascript. This means that they are fast and lightweight on your page and your layouts will never jump or resize as scripts load on your page.

Extra control

BluePrint takes the familiar controls from the default stacks columns and builds on them with additional options and features such as overlaps. The learning curve is therefore shallow and setting up layouts is quick and simple.

ProStyles Integration

Blueprint accepts the ProStyles child stacks for backgrounds, overlays and visibility. Once ProStyles is installed in your library, BluePrint will have access to the full array of background options on any column.

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BluePrint ONE

Simple but powerful 1-col container.
Optional 3 way size & layout control.
Simple backgrounds.
Advanced ProStyles backgrounds including Master Styles.
Equalise height capable.
Make overlapping content quickly and easily.
Works in any theme.

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BluePrint SideBar

Simple but powerful 2-col container.
Optional 4 way size & layout control.
Advanced ProStyles backgrounds on each column including Master Styles.
Powerful but super simple stacking controls for small screens.
Equal height columns by default.
Column content vertical alignments.
Full page sidebar mode for page menus.
Works in any theme.

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BluePrint SVG

Use inline SVG images in your project.
Quick and simple with no need to warehouse.
4 way responsive size and layout control.
Recolor SVG strokes and fills.
Works in any theme.

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