Fixed Menu Color and Size Transitions on Scroll

In use on hundreds of sites, ScrollUp will change its background color on scrolling of the page.

It is most commonly used to make a menu transparent over a header or banner image and then gracefully transition in a background color as the page is scrolled down.

The menu on the homepage of this site shows it in action.


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Top Bar Animations and more

Several people requested the ability to have TopBar behave like many of the famous RapidWeaver themes, where upon scrolling the page, it changes size and opacity.

ScrollUp does exactly that but more over it is not limited to TopBar. ScrollUp can contain anything that you wish to animate the background color and container size of upon scrolling of the page.


ScrollUp is super simple to use.

Simply drop your TopBar into the stack, set your preferred appearance and scroll behaviour and thats it.

You then have a TopBar that fits with many modern designs, particularly those with transparent navigation and background images.

ScrollUp can do so much more than TopBar animations, in fact it can animate any stack at any given scroll position.

ScrollUp footers work really well. You can see them in operation on some of the pages on the Scroll Up Demo Site

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