Vertical Centering for All Foundation Columns

Love the centering in Grummage 2Col but want more columns? Vertigrum is the answer.

Put any Foundation column stacks inside and you will be able to vertically center the content.

Simply drop any standard Foundation multicolumn stack into a Vertigrum and you will get all the vertical entering capability that is built in to Grummage 2Col.

Simple as that!


Your kind donations fund the running costs and keep the stacks and support free.

Thank you in advance.


Improve the look of your content without the effort of complex padding which never works properly.

Let CSS do the work for you.

Vertigrum does not use absolute positioning so the flow of your content in the page is not affected and everything behaves perfectly responsively.

Responsive Breakpoint Control

Vertical entering makes no sense one responsive columns have stacked one on top of another on small screens. Vertigrum will by default remove the vertical centering for small screens but also allows you to set when and if this happens.

For example, you may set the foundations columns so as not to stack if they contain small content such as icons. In this case simply set the VertiGrum breakpoint to Never and your content will be vertically centered across the row even on small screens.

Adaptive Padding

If you need to add either rem or percent padding to the top and bottom of the centered columns, then you should use the adaptive padding controls within the VertiGrum settings and not those within the contained column stack.

VertiGrum is a Foundation Stack and as such will only vertically center content in Foundation Column stacks that are dropped inside.