PopDrop Menu is a simple animated burger stack that contains a PopDrop dropdown. You can use it to create many types of dropdown content, dropdown menus, mega menus  and navigation elements.

Setup is super simple and the PopDrop Content child stack works just like it does in a PopDrop stack or a ButtonPlus.


There are five different animated burgers to choose from, four pure CSS burgers and one animated SVG. All have a ton of styling options for size, thickness, spread, rounding etc etc and the you can have separate open and close menu text alongside.


Burger icons, text and the background size can be controlled responsively to ensure that you always have a sensible sized element for a given screen size.


PopDrop menu has a simple fixed mode but it is really designed to be used within Chroma if you want a fixed or sticky menu. Remember to set Chroma to contained width (to content) of you want the background to just cover the PopDrop menu area.

Close on click

The PopDrop Content stack now gets a close on click option so that the menu will close when a link is clicked. This is ideal for integration into Magicgellan or other in-page scrolling menus.

PopDrop Menu uses the responsive burger element from the MenuLab suite.