Adds new ButtonPlus Defaults stack.

  • This allows you to apply page and site wide settings to all ButtonPlus2 stack
  • Change the default sizes and padding for Tiny, Small, Large and ExtraLarge
  • Change the default hover darken/lighten effect
  • Set default Ghost and Outline button styles
  • Set default corner rounding
  • Set the default colors for Primary, Secondary etc. independently

 New Block Icon Mode

  • When using a split button type you can now select the Block Icon feature
  • This allows the positioning of the button text above or below the icon
  • New option to remove the link when a button is the active button on a page

Various Bug Fixes

  •  Fixes dropdown hover issues in IE10
  •  Fixed an event error in IE11
  • Better handling of active colors in ButtonBar
  • Dropdown width and link colors fixed
  • Dropdown link widths are no longer rounded
  • Fixed some hover effect timings and durations