• Make modal menus using the new Limelight Menu stack. (see below)
  • Fixes a problem with captions when Limelight is launched within a section or another stack.
  • Added a Title field which will display in the stack name title bar in edit mode to easily identify different Limelight stacks on the page.

Using the Limelight Menu stack

The Limelight menu stack is very similar to the PopDrop menu stack. It provides a selection of animated burgers which can be used to launch a Limelight modal. In addition, it allows the menu to be fixed position, have additional label text and automatically positions itself above only its linked  limelight window (so other Limelight modals will still cover the burger).

To use it, simply add the Unique ID of your limelight content to the settings in Limelight Menu. You can then select from 5 CSS or SVG animated burgers, style them appropriately and immediately you have a custom modal menu. Launching a Stacks Content limelight will allow you to add your menu items manually and design a fully responsive full screen menu within.