After just over 300 hours, Sections Pro version 2 is finally here via the stacks updater.

Although I never originally planned this update, it has turned into something quite unique. Enough familiarity that you can get going quickly, enough new patterns and workflows that it is quite revolutionary.


The Sections suite of stacks, together provide the capabilities to do things that were just not previously possible within RapidWeaver. Not only that but they are fiercely aggressive in reducing the amount of code written to your published page to ensure the best performance possible.

This desire for efficiency and following the smartCODE design philosophy has also resulted in tremendously productive and scalable workflows, particularly when dealing with large sites. This all revolves around the use of Stacks 3 child stacks. By compartmentalising code we only add code to your page when you decide to add a feature.


The unexpected consequence of this approach is improved workflow and speed during the design phase. Styles and settings can be easily copied between Sections, Master Styles can control multiple Sections and you are in total control of the whole process.

Please do experiment with the Master Styles stacks via the Pro Styles stack. For anything that is used more than once per page this is by far the most efficient method. One set of CSS styles will control all applicable Sections, just as would happen if the page was hand coded. This can have dramatic effects on page load speeds.

Just Ask

There is always lots of help available from seasoned Sections veterans on the Big White Duck area of Weaverspace. Most likely someone has already tried to do what you are attempting and will be able to offer advice. Sections is just for the complex layouts though, because it is so lightweight on your pages use it freely where ever you like. The more you use it, the more you get used to it and that is always the best way to learn.

/ Think It. Make It.