Here is the SectionsBOX demo site, take a look through and see all the great things you can make with it.

SectionsBOX came about after user requests to allow animations in SectionsPRO to be targeted at specific foreground elements. All that was required was a unique identifier that we could select in the Animate Elements child stack. That was great but it remained difficult to layout and align foreground content as people wanted.

Box therefore needed some layout and alignment controls of its own. SectionsFIX does some of this but was not really flexible enough to make proper hover captions and other more complex UI elements.  Once Box had these controls, it became apparent that it was also a very useful stack when not used with SectionsPRO animations.

SectionsBOX is much more useful than just building captions.

SectionsBOX has background and overlay child stacks with all the familiar options that you find in SectionsPRO. It also works with your existing ProStyles master backgrounds and overlays. You can therefore now add the widest range of backgrounds available in any stack quickly and simply to any other stack just by dropping it into a SectionsBOX.

SectionsBOX even has a Content Control function to prevent clipping of your content at small screen sizes. Pioneered by SectionsPRO over the last 2 years, this has been one of the most used features on sites. It seemed only right that Box should get it as well. Admittedly the full SectionsPRO content control is more powerful but for everyday use you may find Box quicker and easier to use.

SectionsBOX hover captions are totally unique - you have control.

When you build a hover caption with SectionsBOX it is YOU that decides what it should do and what it should look like. You are designing your site, why get constrained by what a developer decided you should be able to do? SectionsBOX when used with SectionsPRO is totally freeform. You add the content that you want and decide how it should behave responsively (just as you would if those stacks were elsewhere on you page). You then decide how it should animate when it is hovered or comes into view. 

I should stress two things at this point:

1. This is not hard to set up. You just build your content step by step and apply an animation to each one.

2. It does, however, require a little thought - not technical knowledge.

Never the less, no matter how simple or otherwise it is, some people don't want to design things themselves and this is fine. If you want a quick magpie drag and drop result and are happy with a ready made hover caption then it is most definitely the correct decision to use a ready made stack of which there are many available.

A little different

SectionsBOX and SectionsPRO are the latest in the line of Big White Duck stacks that do things a little differently. The stacks are already in use in several prestigious commercial sites that required the power and efficiency that they provide.

I would like to say a big thank you to the designers of these sites who were instrumental in making SectionsBOX (and SectionsPRO) what they are today.

Get SectionsBOX here


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