ScrollMate has long been the most flexible scroll animation stack available for RapidWeaver. Now version 2 brings some of the most requested features from the past three years. 

Fully useable on touch devices, now supporting percentage and screen size based units and additional timing controls on the existing easing settings, ScrollMate2 is a huge step forward in usability and Refinement.

"Whatever you do, do not buy/use this stack! It's highly addictive. One scroll is all you need. All those plans and good intentions you had this morning?
Forget them. You. Are. Gone.
See you in rehab."

Marten Claridge - RapidWeaver Central

Look out for some great new ScrollMate2 enabled modules from RapidWeaver Central very soon

Major New Features

ScrollMate 2 has had a huge makeover of its code to enable the use of percentage units whiile keeping the performace just as good as before.

There is actually much less code written to the page than with version 1 despite all these improvements.

You can have both ScrollMate 2 and ScrollMate 1 installed together, they are completely different stacks.

Hide "only once" content.

If you select the "Only Once" animation feature you can now specify that the ScrollMate 2 contents are hidden once they have left the screen.

Only once has always been a great way to keep your pages from getting too busy. Now you can hide things that are once only floating effects. The "info bubbles" on the home page of the demo site are an example of it in practice.

Backgrounds and overlays.

You can now use the Background and Overlay child stacks with ScrollMate 2. This is great for making overlays that fade in as you scroll just like the one on the home page header of this site. Use it along with the Float feature for maximum flexibility.

See the full demo and new features

Watch the Getting Started Video