Pro stacks are not just the latest update of plus stacks or for that matter a marketing ploy. Pro stacks are so named because they allow you to do things that are unique. Often ground breaking new features and ideas, you won't find these capabilities anywhere else.

Power With Efficiency

It is a common misconception that a stack with lots of features will load up your page with code. This is not the case with BWD Pro stacks. One of the key features is the absolute minimal amount of code that they write to your published page ensuring that it is lightweight and performant.

This is partly achieved by ruthless reduction of CSS but also by the use of Stacks 3 child stacks. By separating features into child stacks, absolutely nothing is written to your page unless you add that feature. What is more, this also applies to page wide CSS and javascript. Even code that is shared by all instances of a stack is only ever written if one or more stacks on the page is actually using it. This pioneering approach first appeared in Header Pro and Paragraph Pro closely followed by Sections Pro.

The traditional approach with commercial stacks tends to advocate the use of lots of repetitive simple stacks. This is convenient if each stack brings in a revenue and its simplicity reduces support load for developers. By combining the features in to one stack we not only write less code to your page but also allow complementary features to interact providing more power and unique capabilities.

Next time you hear a refusual to add a requested feature justified as a desire to keep things lightweight remember the above.