You can join the BWD space by clicking here

There are nearly one thousand members of the general Weavers Space forum. I'm sure that you will all agree that it is a friendly and productive place to get answers and share information about your RapidWeaver projects and creations.

I often get asked questions in the general or Foundation spaces and while I'm happy to answer anything anywhere, I would greatly appreciate it if questions concerning our stacks are posted in the BWD dedicated space.

This not only helps me to keep tabs on your questions but also helps others by making it easier to search for previous questions.  

Support Requests

As you are probably aware, despite doing all of this in my spare time, I do try to answer support requests extememly promptly. Support via the email ticket system is however a large burden and should be reserved for bugs and major issues where you perhaps need to send in a project file that you would not want to share publicly on a forum.

General how to type of questions though are much better placed on the Weavers Spave group. Surprisingly, I do occasionally go to bed and so in this rare situation you may even get an answer from another user before I awaken. 

Weavers Space Mail

Please try to avoid sending me direct messages through the WeaversSpace mail system. It is difficult for me to track these messages.

If you need to message me personally please use the Big White Duck support email.